Pink Lake Dreaming

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This piece was inspired by the famous pink lake; Hutt Lagoon which is nestled along Western Australia's Coral Coast. Its dimensions are 110 cm x 60cm x 2cm. 

Hutt Lagoon's iconic colouring comes from the presence of the caroteinoid-producing algae, dunaliella salina - which is a source of beta-carotene; a food-colouring agent and a great source of Vitamin A. 

I decided to be creative and used grout to create the salt/sand effect . To get the glistening effect of the sun on the sand, German Glass glitter has been mixed. I lined the sand with Rose Gold Leaf. High quality resin and pigments were then used to create the pink lake. A heat gun was used to manipulate the white pigment to create the salt streaks in the lake. After letting the entire piece cure, a second layer was poured to create dimension.

This piece has been fully cured for 30 days and has key holes at the back, ready to be hung.