Whale Shark Diving - iPhone 11 Pro

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Protect and style your phone with Resin the Bar’s range of handmade mobile phone covers.

Made with the best and highest quality of resin and pigments sourced locally and all over the world, these phone covers are covered with 2 layers of waves, mimicking the ocean and creating a 3D effect. 

I have also hand drawn 1 of the 2 majestic creatures that migrate along WA’s Coral Coast for a special touch. 

The phone cases are made of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and acrylic.

They have been fully cured for 14 days before making way to its new home. No 2 pours are the same in resin art, so you will own a one of a kind piece. 


*there might be slight variations in colour due to lighting.